Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Partner Up For Their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

justin verlander kate upton als ice bucket challenge

At this point you’re probably done with this whole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thing. It was cute for a while, and apparently it led to a big spike in donations for ALS research, which is great. But now your aunt is doing it and challenging all your relatives, and you just don’t need your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds all clogged up with this stuff any more.

That being said, before you give up on all this, you might as well watch Kate Upton do it, right? Yesterday she took the challenge with her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher/Luckiest Man Alive Justin Verlander. First she dumped a bucket of water on him, then he dumped a bucket of water on her. It was adorable.

Here’s a little disclaimer, though, because I don’t want to mislead you. Yes, Kate is wearing a white t-shirt, but there’s no excessive wet t-shirt sexiness in this video. There’s just regular, everyday Kate Upton sexiness.

Take a look:

I mean no offense to Leslie Mann or Cameron Diaz, but I think we all would have preferred it if Kate challenged some of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit colleagues, right?

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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