Brian Orakpo Breaks Out the ‘Money’ Sign After Redskins Sack Johnny Manziel (Video)

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In case you thought that Johnny Manziel would get treated like just another player come gametime…it’s not looking like that’s gonna be the case.

Manziel was taken down on a sack (a preseason sack, but still…) when Redskins defensive lineman Brian Orakpo busted out that cute little “money” sign that Johnny Manziel made popular during his college days.

You ain’t in college anymore, college boy.

Here’s the video:

Whatever. Not a great sack, and not that great of a taunt.

The taunt would be a million times better if a) it’s wasn’t the goddamn preseason, b) the guy who actually sacked him made the gesture, and c) if I didn’t have the feeling that the whole team had been planning this celebration since Manziel got drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a call on my moneyphone.


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