It Seems The Rock Is in a Romantic Relationship with the Elliptical Machine at His Mexico City Hotel (Video + Pic)

the rock talks to exercise equipment

The workout regimen and diet to which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had to adhere in order to get huge for Hercules is now legendary. The guy basically did nothing but eat and workout for a year.

Now, I know what some people might say. “I could work out and get ripped, too, if it was my job.” And sure, maybe you could be really fit if it was your job to be fit. But do you really think you could get that ripped? Do you really think you would have the mental fortitude to wake up at six, eat two full meals and go for two full workouts before going to work, then work out five more times and eat five more full meals before going to bed at night? Really? Because that takes a special level of dedication that only a select few people have. You basically have to treat the gym like your girlfriend. And that can get pretty weird.

Don’t believe it? Just look at these Instagrams The Rock published yesterday while in Mexico doing publicity for Hercules.

First came this, which was captioned “Bout to give her a morning workout she’ll never forget… #BerthaHadItComing #GoodMorningFromMexicoCity”:

And then, an hour later, this:

So I’ll ask again, do you really think you could be that committed to getting ripped? Because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is dating an elliptical machine.

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