Johnny Manziel Will (Not) Be Greeted in Pittsburgh in Week 1 with Giant Foam Middle Fingers

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.33.16 PM

As Johnny Manziel-mania continues to reach a fever pitch amid a QB contest (controversy?) in Cleveland, leaving no move un-examined and critiqued, it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy.

It’s one thing to go overboard for the likes of Tim Tebow, who has God and righteousness on his side. Manziel has neither of those. He’s just a regular, cocky quarterback who is just trying to balance the demands of the job with beer-bonging girlfriends, quiet gatherings at Justin Bieber’s house, and trying to find a signal for that damn moneyphone of his.

After he shot his middle finger up to the Washington Redskins, who were giving it to the rookie with both barrels during Monday’s preseason game, the Pittsburgh Steelers—who are the Browns’ week one opponent—responded by selling giant foam middle fingers to their fans for $20. The “$20” part is far more surprising than the fact that they were made.

Here is the wonderful novelty in its yellow glory:

Okay, we confess. The ad is fake.

Why would someone go through the trouble of making the ad if it’s not real? Probably for the same reason that you had no trouble believing that someone WOULD go through the trouble of manufacturing these things, then find a market willing to pay for them. Because people are weird and allocate their personal resources in very strange ways when it comes to sports.


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