The Johnny Football Finger Memes Have Arrived (Gallery)

johnny manziel flips off redskins bench

Cleveland Browns rookie QB Johnny Manziel knows the internet doesn’t miss much. It has been on his tail since he first shot to fame at Texas A&M, and since he was drafted back in May the internet has only intensified its pursuit. Everywhere the guy has gone and everything the guy has done all summer has been reported, analyzed, and debated. Because the internet does not sleep, and the internet does not show mercy.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, therefore—least of all Mr. Football—that the internet had a field day with finger-gate.

In case you went on a bender Monday night and slept all day Tuesday, by finger-gate I am referring to Johnny’s decision to give some of the Washington players the old middle finder salute during their preseason game on Monday night. It was caught on camera and broadcast live to the world by ESPN, and obviously it’s a “big deal” because Manziel supposedly has known “character issues.”

Now the internet has gone and done its thing, photoshopping Johnny Finger into a variety of whimsical settings.

Examples? Yeah, we’ve got examples. Here you go:

Nice job, internet.

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