Here’s Some Awesome Long Lost Footage of Kobe Bryant Dominating a High School Game (Video)

kobe bryant long lost high school footage

These days, every standout basketball player is filmed extensively, and the footage is archived on the internet. This is because everybody has an HD camera on them at all times and, of course, because the internet exists.

Back in the mid 1990s, when Kobe Bryant was in high school, that was not the case. Technically the internet existed, but all you could really do there was talk to weirdos in chat rooms, and to get there you had to wait about ten minutes while your modem dialled you in. And obviously there were no smartphones, so if you wanted to shoot standard definition video of something you had to bring your camcorder. (Ask your parents about VHS, kids.)

My point? Unlike, say, Andrew Wiggins, the world outside Pennsylvania had never seen Kobe when he was drafted by the Lakers in 1996, because there was no Kobe mixtape.

Now, though, some old news footage of a Pennsylvania state quarterfinal game from Kobe’s junior year at Lower Merion High has surfaced, giving us a pretty clear picture of what he was like back then. And not surprisingly, the local sports guy used pretty much the same terms to describe his game back then that people have used throughout his NBA career:

“The superhero tonight was Kobe. The junior simply refused to lose, as he took over the game in crunch time, pouring in 18 fourth quarter points pulling the Aces ahead. Every time Lower Merion needed a bucket, number 33 would deliver, as he and his teammates would go on to celebrate their 75-70 quarterfinal win.”

Take a look:

Five years after this footage was shot, Kobe lifted the Larry O’Brien trophy over his head.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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