P.K. Subban Got Hit with a Dump Truck Full of VERY Cold Water for His Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

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What is it about watching people get cold water dumped on them that compels us to report it again and again? And again? And again?

And again?

And once more after that?

And yet again?

The answer is, “because they’re fairly easy to post, and they’re really fun to watch.” I mean, as repetitive as it is, the people in the videos have fun, they’re normally entertaining, and they are raising millions of dollars to support the fight of a deadly disease. Win-win-win.

And the stakes keep getting raised as Montreal Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban added a glacial amount of ice to a dump truck full of water and had it all dumped on him.

I remember a teacher in chemistry (or physics?) teaching that water can’t get colder than 32 degrees when cooled with ice, unless it’s got salt or some other agent in it.  But what Subban lacks in thermodynamic education, he more than makes up for with his balls. Balls that probably found their way somewhere in his abdomen by the time this exercise is over.

Once again, here’s a motherf*ckin’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  You know the drill:

Till next time, guys.

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