Watch This Sexy Female’s Workout from a Sports Bra’s Point of View (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.40.26 PM

There’s not much to make of this, so let’s not get our dissection gloves on just yet. There’s a band called NeoMania, and, if that nonsensical name was any indication, they’re from Europe. They’re Norwegian, actually (you can tell by the baffling language that they would either be Norwegian or Hungarian).

ANYWAY, they put together a music video that follows around a women’s breasts as she works out? Why? Because it occurred to them to do so, and that’s reason enough, dammit.

Here’s the video. Get ready to have your horizons expanded. WIDE.

This is technically a workout video, which means that it falls under the umbrella of “sports,” which means that you can’t criticize us for straying from our website’s focus just to post a video of a girl’s wonderful, wonderful rack.

We’re on solid ground here, so keep your complaints about the hot girl’s cleavage to yourself.

Hat Tip – [THE CHIVE]

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