21 Athletes Who Flipped the Bird

athletes who gave the finger

On Monday Johnny Manziel made his second preseason appearance with the Cleveland Browns. However, after the game nobody was talking about his actual performance. They were talking instead about the fact that he gave the finger to the Washington sideline.

This is understandable, of course, since Manziel has a history of doing things that draw negative attention to himself. But it’s not like he was the first athlete to lose his cool and make an obscene gesture, and it’s not like he will be the last. Plus, if we’re being totally honest here, I thought it was great. Would you rather have a quarterback who gets too fired up or a quarterback who doesn’t get fired up enough?

But I digress. Like I said, Johnny Football was hardly the first athlete to flip the bird. And today, we’re going to take a look at 21 other notable cases of athletes giving the old one figurer salute.

Lets get started, shall we?


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