Comedian Stands Outside Gym and Offers Free Cupcakes to Gym Goers (Video)

guy offers free cupcakes outside gym

In case you haven’t noticed, gym culture can be kind of messed up.

Are some people there for the right reason—because they simply want to feel good? Sure. But there are also a lot of people there because they feel compelled by external social forces to attain a certain body image or live a certain lifestyle. And these people tend to take a dogmatic and self-flagellating approach to fitness.

So what happens when a guy stands outside a gym and offers free cupcakes to gym goers? Well, comedian Scott Rogowsky performed such an experiment recently, and the result is both sad and hilarious. As it turns out, the reasonable people understand that there’s no better time to treat themselves to a cupcake than right before a workout.

But the unreasonable people? Well, they’ve demonized cupcakes, along with everything else in the world that tastes good, because that’s easier than learning true moderation. So they react like total d*cks.

Take a look:

Hey, green shirt bro. Do you hate yourself less when you threaten people whom your sad ideology labels inferior?

Just curious.

Hat Tip – [Fittish]

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