Watch a Giant Grouper Eat a Four-Foot Shark in One Bite. Yum! (Video)

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In case you’re not familiar with giant fish—and I’m not sure why you would be unless you’re a fisherman or marine biologist—there are non-shark fish that eat sharks. We didn’t know that until we watched this video of a grouper taking down a four-foot black tip shark near Bonita Springs, Florida.

Without any more ado, here’s the clip of lunchtime in the Atlantic Ocean:

If the shark used as an hors d’oeuvre was four feet, then that grouper must have been…I dunno, huge.

And our diligent research (typing “do groupers eat sharks” into Google) led us to the conclusion that yes, Goliath groupers do eat sharks. It turns out that Goliath groupers eat almost everything in the sea, short of giant sharks and giant whales. That would include turtles, octopi, sharks, barracuda, and probably you, if it had the chance.

So go to a seafood restaurant and eat a grouper before a grouper eats you.

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