Hugh Jackman Shows Off His Impressive Strength, Deadlifts 400 Pounds on Instagram (Video)

hugh jackman deadlifts 400 pounds

He’s probably never going to come close to breaking the deadlif world record, but chances are Hugh Jackman is still a hell of a lot stronger than you. (Or me.)

Of course, this really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who has seen any of the eight films in which the Aussie movie star has played Wolverine. In almost every one they find some excuse to strip the guy to the waste, and he is always chiseled.

That being said, when you see the guy in street clothes, he hardly looks massive. Plus the man is 45 years old. So deadlifting 400 pounds for four reps? Damn, that’s impressive.

Take a look:

Jackman is currently in the midst of filming Pan, a Peter Pan origin story from Disney in which he’ll play the legendary Captain Blackbeard. And that, of course, explains Jackman’s caption, which read “Even Blackbeard does dead lifts.”

I think you can expect Jackman’s pirate to be very menacing.

Pan hits theaters July 17, 2015…supposedly.

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