Coby Fleener’s Post-Touchdown Pump Fake Fools Ref (Video)

coby fleener fake goal post dunk fools ref

Thanks to Saints wide receiver (okay fine, tight endJimmy Graham, who caused a 20-minute delay in a game last year when he broke the upright in Atlanta, the post-touchdown goal post dunk is now illegal in the NFL. And it won’t just cost a team 15 yards, either. Any player who does it will get a $10,000 for the first offense and another $20,000 for the second offense, as Graham himself found out last week after dunking the ball twice during the Saints preseason game against the Titans.

I bring this up today because, over the weekend, Graham and the Saints were in Indianapolis playing the Colts. And while Graham stayed true to his word and did not perform any more goal post dunks, that doesn’t mean goal post dunks weren’t on everyone’s mind. They were on the mind, thanks to Colts tight end Coby Fleener.

After catcher a 21-yard pass from Andrew Luck for a touchdown in the first quarter, Fleener walked straight toward the referee standing under the goal post and…pump-faked a goal post dunk.

Take a look:

Fleener had the ref going there for a second. It looked like he was about to pull a Courtney Kirkland on him.

If I were Roger Goodell I’d fine Fleener $50 for being a smart ass.

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