South Korea Takes The Little League World Series Title, Celebrate Like a Flash Mob (Video)

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Your Little League World Series champions, South Korea.

After what seemed like a couple months of play on ESPN, we finally have some closure. The team representing the South-Pacific nation battled a Chicago team in the finals, leading us to believe that we’re really unclear on how teams matriculate to this tournament—South Korea had to win the Asia-Pacific region for their shot at the title, while Chicago apparently qualified on a more quaint state-wide regional level.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that South Korea is now 11-0 in Little League World Series games, having taken the title in 1983 and 1984 as well.

Here’s them celebrating their latest championship:

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.40.55 AM

And here’s a cool post-game handshake that was shared by a member from each of the two teams in this year’s final:

According to ESPN, the South Korean fan base was feeling the excitement as well. They reported, “South Korean fans, brightly dressed in flowing satin robes of yellow and electric blue, danced with large fans in the latter innings.”

It took me a minute to realize that ESPN meant fans that you use to cool yourself off, and not “fat people,” which completely ruined the awesome mental image I had established.

Congrats, South Korea!



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