Some Dude Promised Twitter Free Drinks if Michael Sam Sacked Johnny Manziel and Did the Money Sign, and Twitter Went Nuts

michael sam sacks johnny manziel

You know how Vegas sportsbooks offer unusual prop bets about very specific plays or circumstances within or surrounding a given sports event? Well, on Saturday, one guy went on Twitter and offered a free prop bet on the Rams-Browns game to the entire world.

And as you probably know, Michael Sam did sack Johnny Manziel and do the money sign. And it set off a pretty fantastic series of tweets.

First came @SquareKnight’s initial reaction.

Then came the realization that some people were making kind of a big deal about this whole thing.

After that, @SquareKnight started looking for a way to make the best out of a pretty weird situation.

But he still took some heat from trolls, which prompted some clarification.

Finally Michael Sam himself chimed in and suggested @SquareKnight make a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of St. Louis.

To which @SquareKnight responded favorably.

And that was that.

As for how much that donation was for, ESPN reported that it was $500, and @SquareKnight retweeted that report.

But unless @SquareKnight tweets a photo of his tax receipt, we’ll never know for sure.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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