10 Most Penalized Teams in the NFL

most penalized teams in the nfl

Do you think you can separate the good NFL teams from the bad by looking at how much they’ve been penalized? If so, you are wrong.

It is true that few things make you, the average NFL fan, want to pull your hair out more than a stupid, unnecessary, untimely penalty. Personal fouls, offsides, false starts—they all make you want to kick a puppy.

However, not all penalties are bad. Take pass interference, for example. If a receiver is almost certainly going to walk into the end zone after making the catch, pass interference is a viable strategy that allows you to live another play.

Today we’re going to take a look at the 10 most penalized teams in the NFL in 2013 and see if there’s any correlation between success (or failure) and penalties, and the results may surprise you.

Take a look.


All stats via NFLpenalties.com

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