Billy Crystal’s Tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys Revealed Williams Knew Very Little About Baseball (Video)

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Robin Williams was a pretty animated guy, and he wouldn’t let a lack of knowledge on a subject curb his enthusiasm for talking about it. At last night’s Emmys, Billy Crystal recounted how he and Robin Williams took to the announcing booth of a Mets game in 1989 and how Robin referred to his favorite team, the Giants, as “the San Franciscos.”

What a fan.

Here’s the touching video of Billy Crystal’s tribute:

The story recounts a pretty classic image of Robin Williams’ zeal for just being funny, and the only regret is that we didn’t get a good read on Tim Carver’s response. I’m hoping he took it in stride and didn’t kick Williams out.

That said, I’m sure even the most patient play-by-play man couldn’t have stuck it out with Robin for more than an inning, as Williams was never one to let silence hang in the air for very long. He’s the anti-Pat Sumerall in that regard.

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