Cheyenne Woods Can Juggle a Golf Ball Just Like Her Uncle Tiger (Video)

cheyenne woods golf juggling trick shot tiger woods

Everyone knows Tiger Woods learned how to play golf from his dad, Earl Woods. But did you know Earl also taught his granddaughter to play, and that she too is a professional golfer? Because he did, and she is. Her name is Cheyenne Woods, and in case you’re really bad at following family lineages, she is Tiger’s niece.

Cheyenne played college golf at Wake Forrest and has played in a few LPGA events, including the U.S. Open. However, her full-time gig is with the Ladies European Tour, and she won her first tournament on a major tour back in February.

Does Cheyenne play golf like her famous uncle? Well, 14 years ago, when Tiger was her age, he had already won five majors. So I’m gonna say no, not quite. But she does kinda look like him…

And, more importantly, she can also do her uncle’s famous golf juggling trick shot…

Pretty impressive, right?

If you’re into this whole Instagram craze all the kids are talking about, you should follow Cheyenne. She posts tons of pics and, lest you haven’t noticed, she’s rather attractive.

Also, in case you want to compare Cheyenne’s juggling to Tiger’s…

Let’s call it a tie.

Hat Tip – [Eye on Golf]

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