Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre Draw Actual Line in the Sand to Define Their Defensive Domains (GIF)

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.05.16 PM

Few sports duos have the awesome buddy-buddy interactions that the Texas Rangers’ Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre give to us on a seemingly weekly basis. It’s like they’re hosting a reality show we don’t even know about.

This time, they’ve taken to bickering (after a successfully caught fly ball) over who should be where on defense.

Hamming it up for the camera, they go through a whole vaudevillian schtick about demarcating the area between 2nd and 3rd to make it clear what plays fall under whose purviews.

It looks funnier than I am capable of describing, so just watch the moving picture below:

And here’s a video of the entire incident:

I think they’ve got it figured out, now. Maybe they could eye-gouge each other, or maybe dole out noogies for their next act. But they better hurry, because with the Rangers’ currently in last place in the AL West, this show isn’t going to last for much longer.

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