ESPN Considers Michael Sam’s Showering Habits Around His Teammates ‘News’ (Video)

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Being the first openly gay player in the NFL comes with all sorts of baggage. And while there hasn’t been an overt backlash to having a gay player in the league, the biggest hardship of all might just be the annoying crap that people are peddling to turn non-stories into human interests stories at the expense of Sam’s privacy and dignity.

So it’s not the hate, it’s the humanity.

ESPN took to SportsCenter to discuss how Michael Sam is getting along with his teammates. Fine. Cool. Whatever. In the locker room. Ok. Tedious, but I guess germane. And in the shower. Wait.

Here’s the news you can’t live without:

Apparently Michael Sam is waiting to shower until after his teammates are done out of “respect,” according to an anonymous player. That’s entirely their business. I don’t care how the players shower, and I certainly don’t need to know.

ESPN thinks we should care and we do need to know, because why else would they be telling us? Unless they knew we didn’t care or need to know, but would tune in anyway out of morbid curiosity. Yeah. That sounds about right.

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