Rogue Bee Torments Kimiko Date-Krumm During U.S. Open Match (GIFs)

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.15.37 AM

Life is full of hardships, and though professional athletes enjoy great money and fame, there are certain things that being rich and famous doesn’t protect you from.

And one of those things is looking like an idiot when an insect no one else can see lands on you. If anything, being famous at that moment is even WORSE. At least when us regular folk do it, we don’t end up on YouTube or opportunistic sports blogs.

Speaking of both those things, let’s watch this video of a bee harassing Kimiko Date-Krumm during her opening-day match against Venus Williams at the US Open. Lest you think that the bee was pro-Venus, by all accounts, the bee bothered both contestants, though the Venus footage isn’t as funny, so you won’t get it.

Here’s the encounter:

My God. Let’s hope they leave poor Andy Roddick alone.

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