Turns Out Mo’ne Davis Is Really Good at Basketball, Too (Video)

mo'ne davis killer crossover ankle breaker

Mo’ne Davis became a household name and made the cover of Sports Illustrated because of her dominant pitching performances at (and leading up to) the Little League World Series. However, she’s probably not going to go on to become a professional baseball player because the deck is somewhat stacked against her in that sport.

But a professional basketball player? That’s a possibility. Lot’s of LLWS players go on to star in other sports, and some even reach the professional ranks. Moreover, Mo’ne Davis has explicitly stated that she hopes to play point guard for the UConn Huskies one day. And judging by this video of her from four years ago, that doesn’t sound so crazy.

Just watch little 9-year-old Mo’ne break some poor kid’s ankles like a little Allen Iverson:

Obviously, this kid is just one heck of an athlete. If she doesn’t wind up playing basketball at UConn, it’ll be some other sport at some other school.

Either way, she aint payin’ for college.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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