USC Cornerback Josh Shaw Jumpes Off Second Floor Balcony to Save Drowning Nephew

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You never like to hear that your favorite football team is going to be without one of its key players. However, if it has to happen, you’d rather it be for a good reason and not, say, because campus police busted him for smoking weed in his dorm.

I bing this up because the USC Trojans will be without the services of Josh Shaw for a very good reason.

The senior cornerback was attending some sort of family function on Saturday when he saw his 7-year-old nephew, who could not swim, struggling in a pool. Without thinking about it, Shaw jumped off a second-floor balcony to the concrete patio below, suffering a pair of high ankle-sprains. Then he crawled into the pool commando-style and helped his nephew get out before crawling out himself.

Nice, right?

“I would do it again for whatever kid it was, it did not have to be my nephew,” Shaw explained. “My ankles really hurt, but I am lucky to be surrounded by the best trainers and doctors in the world. I am taking my rehab one day at a time, and I hope to be back on the field as soon as possible.”

USC head coach Steve Sarkisian is obviously disappointed about the injury, for which there is currently no recovery timetable. However, he’s also proud of his team captain.

“That was a heroic act by Josh, putting his personal safety aside. But that’s the kind of person he is,” Sarkisian said.

Well done, Josh.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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