America’s Sweetheart John Rocker Will Be on the Next Season of ‘Survivor’

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Well, I bet no one saw this fun little story coming.

John Rocker, known for being both a Major League pitcher and a major league asshole, is set to jump on the reality TV bandwagon by competing on the long-running Survivor on CBS. Some aspect of this season has to do with significant others or loved ones appearing together, so John Rocker’s girlfriend, Julie McGee will also appear.

Host Jeff Probst, who is not really in a position to be objective about Rocker’s selection, said that Rocker has been “unfairly maligned” in the press.  He’s no doubt referring to the 1999 SI interview in which Rocker went on a racists, homophobic, and xenophobic rant about everything that’s wrong with the New York subway line.  This all stems from an interview conducted by the Today Show’s website, which is also on CBS, so take everything here with a giant bag of salt.

If John Rocker is the kind of guy you want to give attention to during your free time, tune into the Survivor premiere on September 24th. Or don’t.

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