UPDATE: Josh Shaw May Have Made Up that Story About Saving His Nephew from Drowning

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You know that awesome story about how USC Trojans cornerback Josh Shaw sprained his ankled while heroically saving his 7-year-old nephew from drowning?

Yeah well, about that, it turns out it might not be true. Yesterday, as the story started to go viral, numerous news outlets sought to talk to Shaw, his nephew, or other family members who were at the family function. However, it apparently proved difficult to track people down and get them to appear on camera.

That’s when the rumors started trickling in. According to ESPNLA.com, USC officials were skeptical of Shaw’s story before they issued the press release explaining his double ankle sprain on Monday. Then on Tuesday they received “calls” questioning the veracity of Shaw’s account, which caused them to investigate the situation.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Daily News reporter Scott Wolf was tracking down all sorts of leads.

And then TMZ got in on the action. Yesterday afternoon they broke the biggest piece of news—namely, that Josh Shaw was mentioned in a burglary report by the Los Angeles Police Department on Saturday night.

Basically, somebody called in and reported that they saw a man “shimmying” down the side of an apartment building near the USC campus on Saturday. When the police went and talked to residents of the apartment building and asked if the description of the man sounded familiar, one woman said it sounded like her boyfriend…USC cornerback Josh Shaw.

At that point, things were not looking good for Shaw. But then, yesterday evening, KABC Los Angeles managed to speak to Shaw’s sister, and she said Shaw’s story about saving her son was true. And the thing is, even if Shaw did shimmy down the side of an apartment building on Saturday, that doesn’t prove that he didn’t also save his nephew from drowning.

However, it must be noted that Shaw’s sister would not appear on camera, and if she were lying, it wouldn’t be the first time one family member lied to protect another family member. (You can listen to the audio over at Deadspin.)

Whatever the case, there seems to be a lot more to this story than we first thought, and it may very well turn into a full-blown scandal for USC. Stay tuned for further developments…

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