Awesome ‘Madden ’15’ Glitch Has Players Tumbling Upwards Towards the Heavens for No Particular Reason (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.59.53 AM

Thank God football players have to wear helmets, because if they didn’t, they could really get hurt in the new Madden game. Not from the contact, but rather from the odd instance of players just shooting up into the air for no particular reason.

I’ve seen the glitch reported as “flying,” but I feel like “flying” implies that it was the player’s choice to propel 50 feet into the air. Clearly, it’s not.

Just take a look:

Eh, we were getting sorta sick of the hyper-realistic sports games anyway. Bring on the NFL Blitz-style flying players and tackles.

For what it’s worth, the landing seems SUPER realistic and painful. I hope that it only happens to second-rate lineman and not Peyton Manning or Calvin Johnson. Those guys are far too important to go rocketing off the field, only to come crashing back.

It’s just not a great week for EA, I guess.

Hat Tip – [NextImpulseSports]

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