Matt Forte, Andrew Luck Appear In Fantasy Football Mockumentary Ad from Lenovo (Video)

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In Fantasy football, just like any other hobby or competition, there’s always at least a few guys that are just a little TOO into it. And even if they aren’t overboard in their involvement, they hang their hats a little too high on minor accomplishments.

We all know those guys.  They’re guys like B-Rad (“that’s my name and my strategy”) in this Lenovo commercial.

Fantasy football success can get you some cash, and maybe even some bragging rights, but it can’t get you any swagger. No matter how much orange you wear.

Here’s the video featuring the punchable B-Rad and some pretty damn funny cameos from NFL players Matt Forte and Andrew Luck, among others:

The video documents the subject as he goes from pitiful “Brad” to “B-Rad.” It’s a painful transformation, but one that’s pretty funny. The glasses sell the whole story.

This is just episode one, so we can hope that his fall from grace is slow and painful, before he finally returns to his humble roots. That’s how these things work, right?

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