Meet Taishan Dong, the 6’11” Heavyweight Who Wants to Be the Yao Ming of Boxing (Video)

taishan dong 6-9 heavyweight chinese boxer

In recent years, boxing has become a second-class citizen in the sports world. MMA is the combat sport du jour, and unless it has something to do with Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquio, a boxing story has almost no chance of making the front page.

That could all change if Taishan Dong realizes his immense potential. Nicknamed after the famous Mount Tai in China’s Shandong Province, his real name is JianJun Dong. At 6’11”, 285 pounds, this 26-year-old heavyweight could very well take the boxing world by storm. And given that China’s population currently sits at 1.35 billion, boxing promotors are certainly hoping he will.

Already signed by Oscar de la Hoya‘s Golden Boy Promotions, Taishan made his American pro debut against 6’3″, 255-poung Alex Rozman back on July 18. And though Rozman was not exactly a contender, owning a 2-6 record going in to the bout, Taishan made it look pretty easy. He scored a TKO by knocking Rozman down once in round 1 and twice in round 2.

Take a look. The second knockout comes at the 8:15 mark:

It’s hard to say if Taishan Dong really has what it takes to become a heavyweight champion, but I certainly wouldn’t bet against it at this point. With that height, opponents will wear themselves out just trying to reach him.

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