WVU QB Admits His First Kiss Was Nick Saban’s Daughter, Will Face Off Against Bama on Saturday (Tweet)

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Well, this could get pretty ugly pretty fast.

While doing a little press for West Virginia’s season opener against Alabama, WVU quarterback Clint Trickett overshared that he was familiar with Nick Saban because Saban’s daughter was actually his first kiss. Turns out Trickett’s dad and Saban coached together at both LSU and Alabama, so it’s safe to guess that the kids ran in similar circles.

Not sure of further context there, or if the relationship progressed beyond kissing, but I’m also not sure that playing that card right before squaring off against the Bama defense was the smartest move.

Also, if someone made me guess what the name of West Virginia’s starting QB was, there’s at least a 40% chance I would have guessed “Clint Trickett.”

If you tend to skim Internet content the way many (including myself) often do, you may have read the headlines as “WVU QB Admits His First Kiss Was Nick Saban,” which is a much more interesting story, and one that I wish existed.

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