40 Johnny Football GIFs that Will Make You Love and/or Hate Him More than You Already Do

johnny manziel gifs

In Texas Johnny Manziel is considered God’s gift to football, and in his own head he is considered God’s gift to himself. And for those reasons, on the internet Johnny Manziel is God’s gift to sports bloggers.

Can’t find something to write about? See what Johnny F. Manziel is up to. Maybe he went to a pool party in Vegas this weekend. Maybe he went clubbing in Houston and tried calling somebody on his money phone. Maybe he went to a sporting event with that one hot chick…or that other hot chick. Point is, the guy is always up to something interesting, and he makes my job a lot easier.

Today? Today we have this list of Johnny Football GIFs which basically wrote itself. (Shh, don’t tell my editor.) On the one hand, I’m kind of disappointed it took us this long to put one together. On the other hand I’m glad it did, because the last few weeks have produced some pretty good ones.

In any case, wherever you fall on the Johnny Football love-hate spectrum, you’ll probably enjoy this list. So check it out.


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