Josh Shaw Admits He Made Up the Story About Saving His Drowning Nephew

josh shaw

It turns out USC cornerback Josh Shaw did sprain his ankles after jumping off a balcony last Saturday. However, he admitted that he totally fabricated the part about saving his drowning nephew, and now he’s been suspended indefinitely from the USC football team.

Of course, there are still so many questions that remain unanswered. Obviously, it was Shaw who was seen “shimying” down the side of his girlfriend’s apartment building in downtown Los Angeles, and his lawyer confirmed that he “fell” from a third-floor balcony. But how and why he fell—that we just don’t know.

The New York Times has some interesting new details about the incident at the apartment building. However, they only add to the intrigue:

The police responded late Saturday night to a call of a woman screaming. No one answered the door at the apartment, so the officers forced their way in but found the unit empty. A neighbor told the police that a man had run across a balcony. When a woman living in the apartment complex was given a description of the man, she told them it sounded like her boyfriend, Shaw.

If Shaw was just hanging out in his girlfriend’s apartment, why the scream, why the jump, and, most importantly, why the lie?

No, something is definitely fishy here. We just don’t know what.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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