Nasty Brawl Turns LFL Game Into Mud Wrestling without the Mud (Video)

LFL brawl

When a brawl breaks out in an NFL game, the league fines and suspends everybody involved, then they issue statements condemning the whole thing.

When a brawl breaks out in an LFL game, they’re like, “Sweet dudes, let’s put it up on YouTube!” Because the point of the LFL—formerly the Lingerie Football League, now the Legends Football League—is not to produce entertaining football. It’s to give people an excuse to see women in skimpy outfits that sometimes fall off. So it doesn’t really matter whether the women are playing football or punching each other in the face. So long as they’re wearing the skimpy outfits, it’s all good.

Case in point? The recent Eastern Conference Championship game between the Atlanta Steam and Jacksonville Breeze. After the final whistle, an Atlanta player roughed up one of the Jacksonville players…which led to a bit of pushing…which led to an Atlanta player calling a Jacksonville player a “pu*** a** bi***”…which led to an all-out brawl…with actual punches. Then the LFL put the video on their official YouTube account.

Take a look:

Ridiculous outfits or not, these women are in it to win it. Damn.

Hat Tip – [Daily News]