Does Gregg Popovich ‘Give a Damn’ About the Names of His Players? No, He Does Not. (Video)

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In another awesome instance of Gregg Popovich being Gregg Popovich, the Bill Belichick of the NBA told some players he was using to demonstrate an offense, “I don’t give a damn what your names are.”

Awesome, Gregg. You really earned that extra “g” with that zinger.

He says, within seconds of introductions, “I’ll forget your names, but I thought it was polite to at least ask.” Yeah, Gregg, it is polite to extend that formality, but that politeness is completely offset by bringing up how you thought it was polite to do it.

He’s nothing if not honest. Here’s the video of Pop giving no one any special treatment:

Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was Tim Duncan or Tony Parker that Pop was introducing himself to.

To be fair, he treated these basketball players better than he treats the media, and that’s on a national stage.

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