New “Heisman House” Commercials from Nissan Bring Johnny Manziel and Other Heisman Winners Under One Roof (Videos)

nissan heisman house commercials flutie flakes

Just in time for the start of the 2014 college football season, Nissan and ESPN have teamed up for a fantastic new series of commercials starring Johnny Manziel and some of the other great Heisman Trophy winners.

The premise? Since winning the Heisman gets you a membership in an exclusive fraternity, what would it be like if the members of that fraternity all live together in the “Heisman House”?

Now, is it really fair that, of all the college football greats who have won the Heisman Trophy over the years, Johnny Manziel gets top billing? Of course not. But who said life is fair? Manziel is the hottest name in football right now so he—and not Charles Woodson, Robert Griffin III, Roger Staubach, Marcus Allen, Ricky Williams, Tony Dorsett, Billy Sims, John David Crow, Andre Ware, Doug Flutie, or George Rogers—gets his name in the headline.

Regardless of who gets top billing, though, the commercials are f-ing great. There will probably be a few more released as the season goes on, but below are the ones we’ve got so far.

Old School vs. New School:

Acting Class:

Johnny Plays with Dolls:

Trademark Infringement:

Flutie Flakes:

Two Hand Touch:

My favorite is the one where Manziel plays with dolls. What’s yours?

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