Johnny Manziel Gives Us a Glimpse of His Former A&M Self During Preseason Game vs. Bears (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.42.07 PM

I understand that it’s a little odd that we’re talking about a rookie’s “former self” during a preseason game of his rookie campaign, but it FEELS like we’ve spent ten years talking about Johnny Manziel during this offseason, so forgive us if our sense of time is a little warped.

Johnny Manziel did something that was actually football-related today, scrambling around the pocket for what seems like an eternity before connecting on a pass that would have otherwise been an incompletion at best. It’s not a huge play, but it shows his athleticism while, at the same time, demonstrating his discipline to stay in the pocket when he could have put himself and his team in harm’s way downfield.

Take a look:

Again, it’s not life-changing, but sports media law requires that we report every Johnny Football story, no matter how small, until he either washes up Ryan Leaf-style or sets every QB record in NFL history.


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