Johnny Manziel Switches Nickname to ‘Johnny JamBoogie’ in a New Snickers Commercial (Video)

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It’s nice to see Johnny Manziel finally getting back in the headlines. It was a lonely couple of days since we last spoke about him in the sports media.

Despite going into the regular season riding the pine, Johnny Manziel is being featured in a new Snickers ad in which he adopts the persona of a 1980’s jazzercise instructor.

Normally, it’s customary to mock yourself only after you’ve commanded a certain level of respect in the league, but, whatever. This way works, too.

Here’s the video. Let’s hope he can look back at this one day and laugh:

He couldn’t have done an ad where he’s sweating gatorade? Or playing backyard football in jeans with a Golden Retriever? Nope. He had to step out as Johnny JamBoogie.

This guy might as well spray paint a bullseye on his chest when he steps onto the field for the first time…whenever that may be.

Until then, we’ll just keep wearing our Cleveland Browns jerseys with JamBoogie on the back, holding onto hope.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]


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