Meet Officer Beer Bong, the Coolest Cop in Cleveland (Pic)

Police officers have been getting a bad rap in the wake of all the unfortunate events in Ferguson, Missouri, over the last several weeks. However, it’s important to remember that not all police officers shoot unarmed people, and not all police departments roll out tanks and snipers to deal with punks throwing rocks through windows. In fact, some cops are actually cool.

Take Officer Beer Bong of the Cleveland Police, for example. Before last night’s Bears-Browns preseason game, he could have busted the guy getting wasted in the parking lot for violating the city’s open container laws, or maybe for causing a disturbance or being a public nuisance. But no. He saw a dude trying to have a good time and—unlike Philly cops, who just high-five beer bongers—actually went out of his way to step in and lend a hand.

beer bong cop

Officer Beer Bong, we salute you. You are one awesome cop.

Hat Tip – [@MikeRJohanns]

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