Ole Miss Defenders Had Fun Obliterating Boise State Receivers Last Night (GIFs)

old miss defender destroys boise state receiver

The 2014 college football season got underway last night, and while the biggest story was probably the performance of QB Kenny Hill in No. 21 Texas A&M’s annihilation of No. 8 South Carolina, we also shouldn’t overlook the game between No. 18 Ole Miss against Boise State.

That game definitely will not go down as one of the best games of the year, seeing as how both the Rebs and Broncos played pretty sloppy football for three quarters. However, Ole Miss did find their groove in the fourth quarter, dumping 28 points on Boise State. And, more importantly, they delivered two massive, bonecrushing hits in the first half.

The first came in the opening quarter, when Ole Miss linebacker Keith Lewis clobbered Boise State receiver Jay Ajayi:

keith lewis destroys boise state receiver

The second came in the second quarter, when Old Miss safety Cody Prewitt steamrolled Boise State receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes:

cody prewitt destroys boise state receiver

Like I said, massive, bonecrushing hits. Ole Miss may have some fine tuning to do if they want to maintain or improve upon that No. 18 ranking, but right now you can bet the Vanderbilt receivers aren’t looking forward to next week’s game. And that’s something.

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