Steve Spurrier Wasn’t Thrilled with South Carolina’s Performance vs. Texas A&M (Video)

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Steve Spurrier has been around a long time, and hasn’t quite found the same success in South Carolina that he did in Florida before his horrible NFL adventure with the Redskins. Sure, he’s still an elite coach, but an elite coach in a weaker program.

Normally, Spurrier can hold strong until the 7th or 8th week, but this season, the apple cart got upset in week one as Texas A&M, former home to a certain moneyphone usin’ sonofagun, dismantled the Gamecocks 52-28, despite being ranked #21 to SC’s #9. Something tells me those ranking may change come Monday.

Anyway, Spurrier, who apparently had quite an offseason with his team, seemed disgusted near the end of the game:

Headphone’s aren’t free, Steve. You take care of those. That’s academic scholarship money you’re playing with.

Just kidding. Well, not about the scholarship money, but we were kidding about having to treat them with care. You own the place. Do what you want.

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