Tim Tebow Does a Pretty Funny Impression of Steve Spurrier Recruiting Him (Video)

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Most every football coach deserves to be imitated, which isn’t something that could be said of coaches in other sports (for instance, I’ve never been entertained by a Coach K impression).

They are normally southern, they often have crazy voices (even by southern standards), and their mannerisms are very well-known by fans, players, and media alike.

So while Tim Tebow is no Frank Caliendo (thank God), he does put together a pretty fun, albeit brief, send-up of the Ol’ Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, in this clip:

Congratulations to Tim Tebow for shaking the pressure and just being a pretty endearing studio presence. It couldn’t have been easy managing that pressure and attention, even when he was winning. He seems a lot less divisive now. I mean, how polarizing can someone on the SEC Network be?

The good news for Jeremy Lin and Johnny Manziel is that it only takes about three years of mediocrity to get back to being likable after you’re overhyped.

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