Derek Jeter’s Top 10 Moments

derek jeter top 10 moments

There aren’t many athletes out there whom you could say are both overrated and also truly great. But you can say that with Derek Jeter. The way hardcore Yankees fans talk about the guy, you’d think he’s the greatest, classiest, most clutch shortstop of all time. And some of them, citing his five championship rings and innumerable “intangibles,” will insist that he is the greatest.

He’s not, of course. The reality is that Jeter was an extremely good hitter and an average defender, and given that he played a premium defensive position, you can’t overlook his weak glove. Is he a classy leader who exemplifies what it means to be a New York Yankee? You bet. Does he belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame? Damn straight. But he is not the greatest shortstop of all-time.

That being said, I don’t blame Yankees fans for overstating Jeter’s greatness. He’s the best player from one of their proudest eras, and he played a crucial role in a lot of very special moments at both the old Yankee Stadium and the new one. So in honor of his impending retirement, the people over at TheDrop are pleased to bring you a list of Jeter’s greatest moments.

Take a look at them HERE.

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