71 Totally Ridiculous Customized Sports Jerseys

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There are some people out there who think it’s weird for a grown man to wear a jersey with the name and number of another grown man on the back. And I can kind of see their point. However, I would argue that it’s much weirder for a grown man to wear the jersey of a professional sports team with his own name and number on the back, because at least the other guy isn’t pretending he is actually on the team.

That being said, whatever your opinion of personalized jerseys, I think we can probably all agree that there are regular, socially acceptable, completely inoffensive personalized jerseys…and then there are the kinds of personalized jerseys you’ll on today’s list.

On the one hand, I’m glad the extreme personalized jerseys exist, because it makes my job more fun.

On the other hand, I certainly wouldn’t be seen in public with somebody wearing one of these things. The majority are of them are ridiculous at best, downright embarrassing, offensive, racist, and/or homophobic at worst.

But enough small talk. By now you’re ready to commence with the viewing of these personalized monstrosities. So let’s get to it…


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