Cricket Player Pranks Teammate, Scares the Hell Out of Him (Video)

cricket player pranks teammate

Don’t know anything about cricket? Doesn’t matter. This post is funny even if you can’t tell a bowler from a sticky wicket.

You see, during a recent cricket match involving the South African national team, a 21-year-old rookie wicket keeper named Quinton De Kock (seriously, real name) called off 31-year-old veteran bowler Dale Steyn and made the catch on a popup himself. In baseball terms, that’s like a rookie catcher calling off a veteran pitcher to catch a popup in front of the mound.

What made the situation interesting was that Steyn came over after the catch and acted like he was pissed that De Kock called him off. And judging by the look on De Kock’s face, this put the fear of God into him.

However, Steyn soon let it be known that he was just messing with him, gave De Kock a big friendly hug, and everybody had a good laugh.

Take a look:

Who knew a seven-second clip of a game that takes like seven hours to play could be so entertaining?

Hat Tip – [Lookit]

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