Ohio High School Football Game Canceled After Brawl (Video)

HS Football Game Canceled Due To Fight

There aren’t very many reasons that a high school football game could get canceled. A monsoon, maybe, or a meteor strike, or the death of an important dignitary in the parking lot. Or, in the case of a recent Ohio high school game between Garfield Heights and Collinwood High, a bench-clearing brawl did the trick.

It happened in the third quarter of the game, when a player for Collinwood hit a Garfield Heights player after the end of a play. Things escalated in the usual pattern from there, and within a few minutes the game was officially canceled. Police were reportedly on the scene as well, breaking up another fight in the crowd and arresting a total of three people.

The fight and the game’s cancellation were all captured on camera, and you can watch it via the YouTube video below. No word yet on whether the game has been rescheduled.

Here’s the video:

(via Deadspin)

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