Here’s a Soccer-Style Jersey with Sponsor for Every NBA Team (Gallery)

Avid sports design lovers have been re-imagining team uniforms and logos for as long as there have been team uniforms and logos. And I should know, because I used to spend hours upon hours doing just that as a kid.

However, when I was a kid (a) I sucked at drawing and (b) there was no internet, so none of my designs ever went viral. Things are different now.

Now any graphic designer—from bona fide professionals to inspired amateurs—can create brilliant high resolution remakes of jerseys and publish them on a blog for all the world to see…and critique. And recently interest in such endeavors has surged. We’ve seen NBA-NFL logo mashups, hipster NFL logos, fat NFL logos, and a number of attempts at redesigning pretty much every football uniform in existence.

Today’s re-imagining? Inspired by the NBA’s recent experimentation with sleeved jerseys and the rumors that players will soon sport corporate sponsors on their chests, an Argentinian-Italian graphic designer named Emilio Sansolini has created a soccer-style jersey for every NBA team. And they’re pretty sharp.

Take a look:

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