Michelle Jenneke Did Her Trademark Warmup Dance Before Racing a Car (Video + GIF)

michelle jenneke racing a car

Australian hurdler and internet legend Michelle Jenneke should write a book, and the title of that book should be Making It Last: How to Make Your 15 Minutes of Fame Last a Lifetime. Because a few years back, a video of her performing a sexy little warmup dance before a race went viral, and she has been milking it ever since.

I’m talking gameshow appearances and modeling gigs for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Hell, she’s even got her very own stretching app, which presumably exists solely for the purpose of watching her bend over in spandex.

So what’s Michelle Jenneke up to now? She’s racing cars, of course. And by “racing cars” I don’t mean she’s driving them. I mean racing, on foot, against a car being driven by somebody else.  Or at least, that’s how it went down at the Top Gear festival in Sydney recently.

And yes, she most certainly did perform the pre-race routine that made her famous. Just as Journey doesn’t play a gig without doing “Don’t Stop Believin,” Michelle Jenneke doesn’t make a public appearance without doing her dance. It’s her thing.

Take a look:

michelle jenneke dance before racing a car

Fun times.

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