This Three-Year-Old with Only One Arm Could Probably Beat You at Golf (Video + GIF)

three-year-old golfer with one arm tommy morrissey

Golf is hard enough for able-bodied adults. Can you imagine playing it with just one arm?

You can? Well, now imagine you are just three years old, which basically means you have the motor skills of a drunk person.

That would be hard for most people. But three-year-old Tommy Morrissey is not most people. He was born without a right arm due to a blood clot in utero. However, at the age of three, despite the one arm, he’s managed to become one hell of a golfer who can smack the ball over 100 yards from the tee.

Fox 29 in Philadelphia met up with Tommy and his parents last week in Lindwood, New Jersey, and his parents talked about how people react when they see him kicking butt and taking names out on the links.

“They look at him and see how small he is and they say, ‘Awesome, the little guy can hit a golf ball.’ And then they look and they see that he’s doing it with one hand and they say, ‘That’s incredible.’ And then after they watch him, after they learn, he’s just a little boy, just killing it, they walk away and say, ‘he’s an inspiration.'”

You’re damn right he’s an inspiration. Take a look at the full report:

The next time you find yourself complaining about something stupid, remember the three-year-old golfer with one arm. It’ll shut you right up.

three-year-old one-armed golfer

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