Adrian Peterson Predicts He’ll Score on His First Carry of the Season…Again

adrian peterson predicts touchdown on his first carry of the season

In 2012, Adrian Peterson fell just eight yards short of breaking the single-season rushing record, so it’s not hard to understand why he was pretty confident heading into the 2013 season. Even still, the guy was just joking when he predicted he would score a touchdown on his first carry last year. Because who would have the balls to actually make such a bold prediction, right?

Of course, as you may remember, the prediction came true. In week one, on his very first touch of the season, Peterson ran for a 78-yard touchdown against the Lions. So now Peterson figures, what the hell? It worked last year, let’s do it again.

“Yeah, I might as well speak it. Touchdown, first run,” Peterson told members of the media Thursday. “I’ll say it again. Hopefully it’ll work out the same way.”

The bad news for Adrian Peterson is that, to make good on his prediction, he’ll have to find a way through one of the best defensive lines in football, as Robert Quinn and the St. Louis Rams will be the Vikings’ opponents.

The good news? If he gets through the St. Louis line on the first carry it should be smooth sailing. The St. Louis defensive backfield is pretty weak.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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