The 10 Creepiest and Weird NFL Mascots Of ALL Time

creepy and weird nfl mascots

Now that the NFL season is finally here, most fans are probably fine-tuning their fantasy rosters, picking winners for their office pools, or making plans to watch the action with friends. And that’s all well and good. But me? I’m celebrating the return of NFL football by making lists of the hottest NFL WAGs and the creepiest and weird NFL mascots.

Why? Because the NFL isn’t just a sports league. It’s a sports entertainment enterprise. And all the non-football related aspects of the game deserve some love, too.

Also, I also just really love creepy mascots and attractive women…though not at the same time, because that’s weird.

Anyway, here’s the list of the creepiest and weird NFL mascots of all time. Take a look, then give your kids a Pepsi and show this to them before they go to sleep just to see what happens!


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