“Mean Tweets NFL Edition” on Jimmy Kimmel Live Features Erin Andrews, T. O. and Others (Video)

Mean Tweets NFL Edition Clay Matthews

Social media has done many great things for society, but it has also come with its fair share of negative effects—one of those being the scrutiny and hateful comments that can easily be delivered from one individual to another.  No one reminds us of that very fact better than Jimmy Kimmel, who enlightened us with “Mean Tweets NFL Edition” during his late night talk show last night.

In this edition of “Mean Tweets,” Kimmel enlisted the services of NFL superstars like Terrell Suggs, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Vernon Davis, and Clay Matthews.  And in addition to those current stars, we also get to hear some mean tweets from a few former players like Terrell Owens and Keyshawn Johnson, as well as Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews.

You can see these and other NFL personalities read their own mean tweets by checking out “Mean Tweets NFL Edition” below:

Hat Tip – [Jimmy Kimmel]

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